“... if you own a business and need to know your target audience, or a specific markets needs and wants etc, Avesca can help you figure it out. They can also help implement processes and procedures. Instead of running blind, throwing the dart in the wind and not sure where it needs to hit, they can help. Many large companies have full departments doing this. Avesca provides this service at a fraction of the cost making it affordable to small and medium sized businesses.”
— Richard Durgin, Acies Technologies & Home Improvement

Happy Clients


“Avesca is what a "big brand" would demand and get when hiring a "big agency" for big dollars. Dr. Via worked with me on a few projects to develop deeply introspective, (yet user friendly) surveys for my earliest product testers and customers. This is how you gather the user feedback data you are always wondering about in the back of your mind. The information I received was organized and therefore actionable. Understanding the customer journey has saved me a lot of time and money. I highly recommend Avesca for helping to learn more about your customers. If you want an edge, this is how you get one. Using gut instinct vs. real data, puts you at a big disadvantage to the competitors who learn fast from customer insights”

— Jonathan Sheinkop, Ergo Impact Inventor of the LeanRite

"Fantastic experience. Chris really understands statistics and has all the tools necessary to get you meaningful data. If you need a PHD level scientist to do your surveys, I can't think of anyone who would do a better job."

— Maxim Sverzhin Babiner, D.M.D.
Inventor of the Triple Bristle Sonic Toothbrush 

Avesca provided superb work, under tight deadlines with fantastic communication. Would most certainly work with them again without hesitation.

— Sharon D., VSEINC


Christopher is very knowledgeable... his reports were well researched, constructed and thought through including all references to support his conclusions.

He meticulously analyzed scenarios and questions posed to provide a detailed evaluation of anticipated outcomes based on solid psychological evidence, not merely speculatory evidence or a study/researchers assumed outcomes, which was very important to us.

We would highly recommend Christopher to anyone in need of quality psychologically evidenced outcomes and look forward to working with him in on any similar future projects we may have.

—Frank B.,  A small business in Adelaide, Australia