Your Customer Connection Consultants

87% of companies say this year they are not competing based on their offer to their customers.

They are competing based on the customer experience they provide.


You know that designing with the needs and desires of your customers in mind is fundamental to your survival in the marketplace.

You need insight to be successful. To design more intelligently. To rise above your competition.

You want to know what makes your consumer interested in your product, so you can better design your product offering. You always ask yourself if there's a better way to do what you do.


We work with people who need answers.

People who want to design devices, systems, or internal processes that are:

· Smarter

· High Quality

· Timely

While minimizing the costs of potential mistakes or design oversights.

Performance and Behavior Solutions »


Avesca performs research.

We identify information about your:

· Product

· Customers

· Processes

and help to make your designs user-friendly.

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Avesca's services involve a simple three-step process.

· Problem Review

· Solution Development

· Results Delivery

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"Avesca, LLC takes the stress out of acquiring & interpreting information about your customers." 

— Dr. Christopher M. Via